Akash Ganga Group

Akash Ganga Group is a completely home-grown fashion brand with a niche and upmarket clientele. Often associated with one of the high street fashion brands, Akash Ganga is known for its signature Ethnic, Indowestern and Bridal fashion wherein every outfit and jewel is exclusively etched out with vibrant colour palette, designs and vivid contrasts thus making every occasion more special and memorable.

Soon after the strategic opening of Akash Ganga’s first fashion store for women in the upmarket district of Begum Bridge, Meerut, the store successfully garnered accolades and became a landmark in many ways. Over the years, it has managed to adapt to changing market dynamics closely following the pulse of the consumer trends and defining them through a proactive approach. The brand has successfully expanded into other sectors, namely Textiles and Jewellery in order to meet the surging lifestyle wave in India.

Dynamic advertising and highly functional online presence have made the brand globally accessible thus attracting attention both in the domestic as well as international market. Over the years, Akash Ganga has carved a niche for itself through richness of its materials and audacity of form. It continuously aims to introduce pieces that are singularly elegant into the lives of every fashionista.

+ Akash Ganga Gems and Jewellery Pvt. Ltd
+ Akash Ganga Sarees International
+ Textile House
+ R.G.Exports
+ Akash Ganga Jewellers